Unboxing the mysterious Google Pixel 4a smartphone, one of the best new mid-range mobiles for 2020, boasting typically strong camera tech, surprisingly good performance and battery life, and stock Android 10.

This hands-on tour (ahead of my full review) shows off the greatest features of the Pixel 4a, and check out my comparison vs the OnePlus Nord for more action.

This summer has seen the launch of the Moto G 5G Plus, Realme X50 and other strong mid-range phone rivals. However, while this Google blower lacks 5G support, the excellent camera tech can’t be beaten.

So far I’m very impressed by the photo capture and in particular the night and HDR results. Note that Google originally told us the Pixel 4a uses the Snapdragon 730 platform, but later clarified it’s the 730G.

And while this is beaten by the OnePlus Nord and X50 5G’s SD765G, the Pixel 4a can still happily play games like PubG Mobile and Call of Duty with a smooth performance.

Battery life is also great despite the compact mini finish, while I love that OLED screen. My in-depth review is inbound and check out my coverage of the best new sub-£400 smartphones of 2020 right here on Tech Spurt.

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